Cost to Participate 

    While this is a free event, Ettin Games  typically puts out DM tip sheets for RPG events. How this works is the dollar amount of the offered tip is written on the sheet and taken to the cashier. Tips are paid to the store and put on the DM’s account as credit in order for the DM to be able to purchase supplies for game preparation. While a few dollars may not seem like much it adds up and incentivizes DMs to participate more fully.  
    While the coordinators may have some materials available for loan, it may be helpful to the participant to have funds for the purchase of their own personal use items (such as dice, books, miniatures, etc).  Snacks and drinks are available for purchase from the venue but food is otherwise not provided. Outside drinks are discouraged by the owners of the venue. We will be taking a break for lunch between character generation and gaming. All participants are responsible for providing for their own meals. There are multiple restaurants within a block of the venue available.  Remember that we are guests in a place of business and should behave in a respectful manor.