Dungeon Master Bios
Ethan Oesch
Our first youth dungeon Master, at seventeen-years-old, he's already an expert in leading his adventurers in all types of campaigns. 
Most recently having concluded Forge of Fury, Ethan has worked through the process of writing & submitting his own DM created content which has been run at past events.
For his Senior project in high school he is learning what it takes to write, proofread, revise & publish an adventure module of his own.
Christof Deimer
One of the volunteer coordinators, Christof has been involved with Role Playing Games in some form or another since the 1980's including multiple versions of Dungeon's and Dragons as well as a number of other Sci-Fi and Fantasy RPGs.
Outside of the Briar Guard Heroes he teaches a weekly class on how to DM, runs an ongoing campaign each week for over a year, & also runs stand alone adventures twice a week at Adventurers League events. He has written a couple of adventures that have been run at Briar Guard events and plans to write more in the future.