Frequently Asked Questions
What is Briar Guard Heroes?

Briar Guard Heroes is an opportunity to share the hobby of role playing games (RPG) with young people and the adults in thier life.  (Notice Role not Roll - more on that later) We use a modified organized game play.  These adventures are not "Adventurers League".  We want to foster positive actions both in and out of game.  More on these in our code of conduct.  

Role vs. Roll?

We want to have our participants focus more on their "Role" in the story rather than what dice they "Roll".  We  still use the game mechanics, but the participants interactions are much more important.  Their interactions with both the group as players as well as "Player Characters" & "Non-Player Characters".  

How Young is too Young?

We have players as young as 6 at this time.  Some have played at home and with family and now with people closer to their own age.  Our policy is that if your youth is under 16 you will need to stay with them in the store, and if they are under 13 you will need to stay at the table with them (even if you are not playing yourself). 

Can I play/DM?

Parents are welcomed and in some cases required to join their youth at the table. Youth wishing to learn to DM should speak to the coordinators about training opportunities.  We have approached DM's from Ettin Games and Hobbies who we feel are good candidates to run for our youth.  Parents or current participants please speak to a coordinator to fit you into our rotation.  Remember that if your child is a participant who is younger than 13 and they do not have another adult to accompany them, it will not be possible for you to DM as you should be focused on your child.

Why Briar Guard heroes?

The bond between and parent and child is strengthened through play.  It is the basis for many parenting techniques and therapies.  It is often difficult for parents to find common interests with their child.  This setting allows children and the adults in their life to learn the game together in an environment that is safe and welcoming.  

We have made the decision to focus the youth on playing Heroes and leave dark or potentially grey areas behind.  While there are other organized play systems out there, they are not always kid appropriate and themes and behaviors have to be adjusted.   

With this in mind we want to focus on the youth & their adventures together where they experience the stories as a group rather than a focus on how they can "win".  Basically, we want to instill in the youth the concept that your life is a series of events, sewn together to make this tapestry because if "winning" is all we care about, or if we focus on the fights, battles, and leveling up; we might as well be playing a video game alone in our own homes.